Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 Lexus IS 350C

Two parts sports car, one part luxury convertible, the Lexus IS 350 Convertible is the one Lexus that combines the best of sport and luxury. The rear-wheel drive IS convertible is based on the IS sedan so handling is sportier than other Lexus vehicles - it feels more like a BMW 3-Series or Infiniti G37. The 300+ hp six-cylinder engine is powerful and fun, plus it has a nice, subtle exhaust note.

The interior is perhaps a slight step down from more expensive Lexus sedans but the heated and cooled seats are comfortable, materials are high quality and all the features you'd expect in a Lexus are there. The power folding hard top instantly converts the IS from an open top sports car to a smooth and quiet luxury coupe.

In the end the Lexus IS 350C is the perfect car for someone who enjoys driving and seeking out twisty roads but wants to balance that with a comfortable everyday car. The ride is firmer than a Lexus ES but a little more forgiving than that of a BMW.

The Infiniti G is a little sharper and better looking but the Volvo C70 lacks the Lexus Convertible's refinement and polish.


  1. I was searching for Lexus LFA, but you defined the Lexus IS 350C in a creative manner.
    Well done. This is one of the nice Lexus product.

  2. The LFA is like $400,000 - this one's just $40,000