Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid - The Last Mercury I'll Drive

I was all set to say how much I like the 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid. Yes, it's basically a Ford Fusion Hybrid but I just like the way the Mercury Milan looks. On the road it feels like the Fusion - smooth, refined and plenty powerful. There is a bit of engine drone under full throttle but it is a remarkably nice car and gets about 40 mpg. It's easy to get high mpgs because the car willing goes into full electric mode. Prowling parking lots or stop and go freeway traffic usually means you're using no gas at all.

But it really doesn't matter because Ford is killing the Mercury brand. Let's face it, all Mercury vehicles are just re-branded Fords and many are set to expire soon. The Crown Vic and Mercury Grand Marquis are both set to be replaced soon and the Mountaineer (a Mercury version of the Explorer) is also dead. The only real relevant Mercurys are the Mariner and Milan both have hybrid versions but both are also just Fords with nicer trim.

Mercury is 71 years old and has brought us notable cars like the Mercury Cyclone GT, Mercury Comet, Colony Park wagon and the Mercury Monterey S-55. It used to make sense that there'd be a brand between the basic Ford and the classier Lincoln but now that can be accomplished with an high end Ford model (say a Taurus Limited) and an entry level Lincoln (say a Lincoln MKZ).
So long Mercury - the 2010 Milan Hybrid is probably the last new Mercury I'll ever drive.

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