Saturday, June 12, 2010

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - First for New Chrysler V6

Jeep's all new Grand Cherokee should be on sale soon and with it comes an all new V6 engine that will eventually find its way into most future Chrysler products. But even that's a loaded statement because it's still not clear that Chrysler will have much of a future. Even when the '11 Grand Cherokee debuted, the new SUV was overshadowed by FIAT and Chrysler execs showing off a FIAT 500. Too bad because the new GC is more luxurious and more capable off-road with features like air-suspension and a higher grade interior.

Jeep is the one thing Chrysler owns that still rings true with consumers, especially Americans. The name Jeep still has enough equity that it will likely be around for years to come no matter who owns it - let's just hope future Jeeps aren't rebodied FIAT Pandas. Hey FIAT, good luck with the Dodge Caliber and Dodge Avenger too.

But the new Pentastar V6 sounds promising. It's an all aluminum, DOHC w/VVT, 3.6 liter engine that's good for 280 hp - Chrysler says the new V6 is more fuel efficient too. If the new engine is as good as the 2011 Grand Cherokee looks then they'll have a winner.

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