Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Costco Gas Along Interstate 5 - LA to SF

Did you know Costco gas is sometimes .15 cents cheaper than regular name brand gas? That's kind of a lot - shop on a major interstate like I-5 and the price difference can be even more dramatic. The problem is, most Costcos are near city centers or shopping area - not really ideal for the highway traveler. So here's a few you can easily find on the road from LA to SF.

There's a new Costco in Lakewood, CA right behind the Lakewood Center Mall. It's not really freeway close but about 2 miles East off the 605 Fwy or 2 miles South of the 91 Fwy. The address is 340 Lakewood Center Mall.

Just North of Los Angeles the Pacoima Costco is very near the 118 Fwy. If you use the 210 to get to I-5, this one is perfect. It's located at 13550 W Paxton in Pacoima.

Travel North out of LA on I-5 and the Costco's get pretty slim. If you need gas just outside the Grapvine, take 99 instead of I-5 for a few miles. The speed limit is still 70 here so you won't lose much time. The Southwest Bakersfield Costco is located a 4900 Panama Lane. Don't go back to CA 99, instead keep driving West on Panama Lane for several miles and you catch I-5 again. The road is rual and there's little traffic once you pass a few traffic lighs.

Into the Bay Area, ther's a freeway close Costco gas in Livermore at 2800 Independance Drive and one in Farifield at 5101 Business Center Drive.

Or, if you're heading to Sacramento look for a Costco gas station in Tracy at 3250 W Grant Line Road.

On the way to Roseville or Tahoe via I-80 there's a Costco Gas station in Citrus Heights at 7000 Auburn Blvd.

Up Highway 50 on the way to South Lake Tahoe there's two places just outside Sacramento to get cheap gas. One is off Iron Point Road near El Dorado Hills but that one can get really crowded. Instead, get off at Sunrise Blvd - there's an older Costco at Sunrise and White Rock Road.

Unless you're driving a supercharged F-150, you should be able to hit a Costco and pay less for gas the entire trip.


  1. Very Helpful info. I am going to drive from Sacramento back to Los Angeles tomorrow. Fresno should be an ideal midway stop. There is a Costco about a third of a mile off fwy 99. Even if I don't need to refuel there, Costco food court is a good place to get something for lunch.

  2. Thanks for posting this, very helpful.

  3. This was really helpful. You rock.

  4. Amazing! You just made our trip so much easier. Thank you!!

  5. We are traveling from SF to LA this week and are coscco members. Gas prices are heading to $5 per gallon. Thank you sooo much for posting this page.

  6. On our way to reno this is very helpful. Thank you very much

  7. my thirsty 1996 toyota land cruiser and i thank you! LA to SF just got cheaper! what a great post.

  8. driving to calsbad (lagoland) and I only like using Costco gas this really helped..

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