Thursday, April 8, 2010

New SMART car coming?

Now that a Daimler/Renault relationship is essentially certain, Smart may be able to build a four door version of the ForTwo. Maybe it'll be called the ForFour? The Daimler/Renault relationship means Nissan is in the mix too and that access to small car platforms and manufacturing could mean more Smart cars.

Whatever, Smart car suck. They're noisy, unrefined, jerky and frankly just terrible cars. The ForTwo is the only car I've ever driven that made me angry b/c it's so awful. Please, put this them out of our misery. Autoblog says the next series of Smart cars will be developed and built alongside the next generation Renault Twingo. The Twingo is not a terrible sub-compact so maybe the Smart will stop sucking so bad. If you need a struggling French automaker to save you, maybe you're beyond help.

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