Monday, April 12, 2010

Five New Cars You Should Skip

Most new cars are pretty good - even a JD Power and Associates rep recently told me that the lowest ranked cars today are better than average cars of 10 years ago. With the playing field pretty much level, are there any bad cars left? Yes, and here's five of them:
1. 2010 Smart ForTwo - calling it terrible is too kind. It's loud, underpowered, ugly, jumpy and jerkier than the super sales-y guy an ex-girlfriend left me for.
2. 2010 Toyota Yaris - Don't all small cars suck? No, just the Yaris. The Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent and Ford Fiesta aren't half bad - what happened Toyota?
3. All Chrysler Sebrings - pick a year, any year and the Sebring will still stink. Shoddy build quality is highlighted by a rather high price.
4. 2010 Jeep Compass - It's nothing like a real Jeep. Cheap plastics and lots of road noise make it almost unbearable to drive.
5. 2009 Suzuki XL7 - Roomy? Sure but after that there's little to love, engine and road noise rule the day in this big Zuki.
Honorable mention would go to the Hummer H3 and Pontiac G6 but GM was smart enough to cancel them - let's just call it a mercy killing.

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