Sunday, May 23, 2010

2012 Dodge Charger - All New Charger On Sale Soon!

Made ya look! I wish this was the all new 2012 or 2013 Dodge Charger. The promise of the revived Dodge Charger has never really be fufilled. This concept car from 1999 looked like the real deal - rear wheel drive, Hemi V8, sleek styling that hints at the past but is completely forward looking. Sadly, it never showed up. Instead we got the current generic and plasticky 'hood cruiser. The 2010 Dodge Charger is more like a Dodge Intrepid II than a real Charger. OK, it's rear wheels move the car and you can get a Hemi but c'mon the current Charger is really nothing special.

Although a decade old, this concept car's look is still fresh unlike the current Dodge Charger. Please Fiat, if you know what's good for you build a car like this one. An all-new Dodge Charger is long overdue - do it, Fiat!


  1. Greetings. Very first I wish to say that I actually like your blog, just observed it the past week but I’ve been following it constantly since then.

  2. looks like you took the corvette body style, and put charger on the back

  3. I went to the auto show in Detroit the year that this car came out. I told them at the show that if they built this car, I would buy it. I would still buy it today. The charger they are currently producing looks like crap....

  4. Nick, Happy Intrepid Owner
    This design concept is a stylistic coup that has so much sizzle.... it sets dodge part and continues where cab forward design started. Perhaps the front end treatment could be redressed but the shape is phenomenal!
    Please bring this to market ... It screams "Proudly American!"

  5. The current 2012 Charger is an improvement over the 2006, for sure. But this concept would be even better.

    But methinks Fiat is insisting on conservative styling to keep up sales to subsidize their loser 70s-LeCar-wannabe 500. I hear that the motor on those things are quiet. Too bad because you can actually hear the laughter as you drive by.