Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ultra Rare Cadillac Jacqueline - only $285,000

Thanks to prolific forum poster Waynep7122 - I ran across this super rare, super "I've never heard of it" Cadillac.

The for sale ad says it was built and designed by Pinin Farina for the 1961 Paris Auto Show. Asking price is a mere $285,000 for a slice of automotive history. The car is for sale at Heritage Classics in Beverly Hills, CA. You can see their other high end and rare classics here.

According to Concept the Jacqueline was built without mechanical running gear since it was a concept/show car only. In the 1990s, someone outfitted the car so that it could be driven. It sure is a slick looking car but I can't help but think "stylish Checker Marthon" when I see the front end treatment - maybe I'm crazy.

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